When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2 (ESV)

Homeland Security Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Goes On Hate Filled Anti-Christian Rant

Posted on January 30 - from PJ Media

[Ed. note: Elibiary began his meltdown by denouncing “guilt by association,” and then engaged in the very group scapegoating (“Christianist culture wars”) he had just condemned]

Obama administration Muslim adviser Mohamed Elibiary is no stranger to regular PJ Media readers.

In September, Elibiary was unceremoniously removed from his fellowship position with the Department of Homeland Security, which he tried to spin as a “resignation,” but letters sent to members of Congress by DHS officials indicated he would not be reappointed.

Undoubtedly, one of the chief reasons for DHS cutting ties with Elibiary was a long string of extremist statements he had been making on Twitter, including talking about the inevitability of the return of an ISIS-style caliphate — tweets that were subsequently used by ISIS supporters for recruiting purposes.

But Elibiary has apparently not learned his lesson, engaging in a hate-filled anti-Christian rant on Twitter yesterday, even going so far to attack Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as a “bottom feeder”... Read more...

Vilifying American Warriors

Posted on January 29 - from Tea Party Nation

[Ed. note: Chris Kyle, the U.S. Army sniper in American Sniper, is an American hero for destroying 160 enemy who would have killed our soldiers and Iraqi civilians.]

The movie American Sniper has hit a nerve with the loony Left. They just can’t stand any kind of anything that asserts that there are enemies, there is evil, and that there has to be an imperative to destroy that evil. Oh, and they deplore anything that puts America in a morally right light—not that they accept an absolute morality because they opt instead for a moral relativism that is, let’s face it, no morality at all. The fact that American Sniper is fast becoming the most successful war movie of all time at the box office is putting the Left’s knickers in twists.

Anyone who has actually fought in combat will tell you that war is beyond horrific and that even though they would go if called, they would never want to fight one again unless, and here is the key point, the safety of Americans and America were at stake. That is realistic. That is also known as patriotism. Hell, even Union General William Tecumseh Sherman in the Civil War proclaimed: “War is hell.” Sherman, just before he burned Atlanta to the ground, also said: “You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.” But brave men and women for over 235 years have answered the call to fight to defend America, to withstand the cruelty of war. Members of our armed forces have gone, are going now, and will in the future go through hell for all Americans and for our democratic way of life and freedoms. Don’t they deserve honor and respect for that commitment and that bravery? Read more...

Abortion – Where Are You, Church?

Posted on January 28 - from BarbWire

[Ed. note: If we, as Christians, truly believe that God is the author of all life then we need to stand boldly against abortion and be the Church Christ has called us to be- reaching the lost and saving souls.]

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 2015 March for Life conference and walking in my first March. I was there as a volunteer for the Radiance Foundation – an educational, life-affirming organization that inspires people to live a life of meaning.

I had no idea what to expect at the largest gathering of pro-life advocates who made their way to Washington D.C. from all over the country and even Canada. I don’t consider myself a pro-life activist –at least not in terms that media often defines it with anti-abortion banners and staged protests. I am just a Christian woman, raised in a ministry family, surrounded by Christian friends and family who always held the sanctity of life and the pro-life belief.

However, there was a point in the worship service that I felt such great conviction and I couldn’t stop crying. One of the leaders prayed about the church’s “sin of apathy over abortion.” His words hit me with such great conviction. I kept hearing that phrase over and over again in my head. I have been guilty of the “sin of apathy” over abortion. That apathetic notion that abortion is legal and I can’t change things so why dwell on something I cannot change. That was once me but tragically that is the state of the evangelical church in America. Read more...

The Most Dishonest Year on Record

Posted on January 26 - from The Federalist

[Ed. note: It may or may not be the hottest year ever, but this is definitely in the running for the most dishonest year on record.]

Last week, according to our crackerjack mainstream media, NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year, like, ever.

No, really. The New York Times began its report with: “Last year was the hottest in earth’s recorded history.”

Well, not really. As we’re about to see, this is a claim that dissolves on contact with actual science. But that didn’t stop the press from running with it.

If you follow the link I gave to the New York Times piece, you will see that this opening sentence has since been rewritten, for reasons which will soon become clear. But the Times wasn’t the only paper to start with that claim, and most of the headlines are still up. The Washington Post has: “2014 Was the Hottest Year in Recorded History.” The Boston Globe: “2014 Was Earth’s Hottest Year in Recorded History.” And so on. Read more...

Is the Bible Sexist?

Posted on January 23 - from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

[Ed. note: Both male and female are created in the image of God and both are so precious that Christ comes to the earth to redeem both male and female with his blood shed on the Cross.]

There is a widespread belief around about the Bible that it is some kind of powerful patriarchal conspiracy which has been used to oppress women. As a female speaker I find that this question is frequently asked: “How can you as a woman promote such a sexist book? The church has tried to keep women down!” As a Christian, I believe I need to be sensitive to the issues which underlie such an emotive question. While it may indeed seem to be the case that women have been discriminated against by religion, the Bible itself deserves closer examination on the subject. How is it that many of the greatest Jewish and Christian pioneers have been women? What does the Bible really say about this subject?

Throughout the Bible there are numerous positive images of women and stories that involve women. In the Old Testament women share the image of God at creation. At the end of time at the Second Coming of Jesus, the church is represented as the bride of Christ. All the way through from beginning to end, the Bible includes the feminine as an integral part of the Judeo-Christian tradition. While it is true that the Bible is written over a long period of time into specific cultures and that some of these contexts did not give equal social advantages to women, it would not be true to say that the message of the Bible is sexist or discriminatory against women.

In the New Testament, there are quite a number of significant events involving women, particularly considering the conservative cultural attitudes of the context into which it was written. This context is demonstrated by a simple statement in John’s Gospel in the famous encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. There is a telling little sentence in 4:27 which sheds a great deal of light on just how radical the Bible is in affirming women. The disciples come across Jesus during his conversation with the woman and we are told they “were surprised to find him talking with a woman.” This is the context of Jesus’s ministry and yet he goes against these cultural trends time and time again. Read more...

Will Freedom Survive 2015?

Posted on January 20 - from Chuck Baldwin Live

[Ed. note: Perhaps not surprisingly, people who escaped totalitarian regimes in other countries and fled to America are the ones who more readily recognize the rise of totalitarianism here in the U.S. than those of us who were blessed to be born here.]

Something as precious and valuable as a nation’s freedom is not lost in a day--or even in a year. There is no single event that turns citizens into slaves. Oppression and tyranny are always long in the planning--and even longer in the making. Granted, there could be a single chain of events that results in a people’s enslavement: Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 Russia, Mao Zedong’s Communist Revolution in 1949 China, for example. But these events did not take place spontaneously or in a vacuum. Conditions for these enslavements had been ripening for years. Old barns don’t collapse without years--even decades--of mitigating factors (very obvious and noticeable factors). Neither do nations.

They say that we begin to die as soon as we are born. And in a philosophical meandering sort of way, I suppose that’s true. And if that maxim is true for individuals, it’s also true for nations. For example, the tyrant and betrayer of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, Abraham Lincoln, planted the seeds for the globalist Woodrow Wilson, who planted the seeds for the socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt, who planted the seeds for the corrupt Lyndon Baines Johnson, who planted the seeds for the narcissist Bill Clinton, who planted the seeds for Mr. Police State, George W. Bush, who planted the seeds for the Marxist Barack Obama. And all along the way there were Supreme Court justices, congressmen and senators, international bankers, and most of all very lethargic and lazy pastors, who facilitated and abetted the diabolical and duplicitous deeds of the aforementioned presidents.

In a very real and practical way, the American republic was birthed as a strong and healthy body amidst the blood of the patriots in 1775 and ‘76. Suffice it to say, the free republic of our forefathers is a very weak and diseased body today. Read more...

NY Times Columnist Wants to Confine Religious Liberty to Church Closet

Posted on January 19 - from BarbWire

[Ed. note: Due to the astonishing influence of homosexual and “trans” activism and the unbiblical cowardice of Christians—including especially Christian leaders—we’re going to see the government increasingly making demands on Christians with which Christians ought not comply.]

Openly homosexual New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni has announced his generous support for the right of people of faith “to believe what they do and say what they wish—in their pews, homes and hearts.”

Wow, thanks, Mr. Bruni.

The hubris of “progressives,” particularly “progressives” of a particular rainbow-hued stripe, seems to know no bounds. According to Bruni, conservative Christians must relinquish their constitutionally protected right to the free exercise of religion on his altar to the god of homoeroticism.

A peevish Bruni starts his screed by moaning that he feels “chafed” by claims that homosexuals like himself are a threat to religious liberty and then proceeds to argue for a breathtaking limitation of religious liberty to only pews, homes, and hearts—which is actually no liberty at all. In so doing, Bruni reveals his lack of understanding of both the history of religious liberty and of what faith entails for followers of Christ. Read more...

Woman Gets Off Operating Table at Abortion Facility When She Changes Her Mind at the Last Minute

Posted on January 17 - from Life News

[Ed. note: Would we do everything we could to save a child who was drowning? Why not one who is about to be torn limb from limb?]

At the 2014 Ignite Conference, Jeff Dublin, a pastor from Apologia Church in Arizona, spoke on the importance of sidewalk ministry in front of abortion He said, “We’re told this: ‘Don’t go to abortion mills. It’s too in your face, it’s too abrasive. It’s too risky, don’t do it. It’s not the way you reach those women.’ And I said, ‘But there are babies being dismembered and disemboweled behind those walls. I have to go.’ It’s not just about going to rescue those babies. It’s not about protesting. It’s about the Gospel. It’s about rescuing their souls and the babies.”

Amazingly, this past year his ministry has saved the lives of more than 30 children who would have been aborted at abortion facilities.

At the conference, he invited a woman named Tina to come up and share how their sidewalk ministry impacted her. She said, “We’re very, very grateful for them saving our baby’s life and opening our eyes; and they’ve really helped us so much and changed our point of view. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my baby. So if you guys can do this and help people, I think it would be great. I mean, they’ve helped me so much, and opened my eyes and opened my husband’s eyes and we are forever grateful.” Read more...

Atheists Crucify Mayor Who Gives God Official Ownership Over Town

Posted on January 15 - from Charisma News

[Ed. note: Atheists may fuss and mock, but deep down there know there is a witness that God is real... and that is why they try to shut down the truth.]

At a time when some insist God is done with America, one Alabama town is renewing its commitment to Jehovah. Winfield's government has officially proclaimed that "God is the owner" of the city.

"I feel like we need to stand up for what is right," Mayor Randy Price told al.com. "Our forefathers said, 'One nation under God,' and we went so far away from that. There are not enough godly people involved in day-to-day decisions."

"I'm going to step on a lot of people's toes but there's not but one God and, that one God, to Him be the glory," says Price. "There's no other way; there's no other God. There are a lot of religions out there but only one God." Read more...

Kudos To All Of My Fellow Patriots

Posted on January 14 - from ChuckBaldwinLive

[Ed. note: My Christian brethren are supposed to have the Spirit of God in them. They are supposed to be students of the Scriptures. More than anyone, they should be the ones to take seriously their charge to “Occupy” till Christ comes.]

Counting the sellouts, sycophants, sissies and socialists (by whatever name they call themselves, including Republican) is certainly easier than counting the plucky, perspicacious, passionate patriots, that is for sure. For every one of the latter, there are thousands of the former. In fact, since God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah had he found a faithful ten (out of a population of around ten thousand), it may be that America is teetering around that same percentage. We might be looking at a similar one in a thousand preserving percentage in this country today.

On Capitol Hill, there are fewer than fifty House members and senators (out of 535) that could be categorized as faithful patriots. In certain State houses and senate chambers, the percentage would be considerably higher. In many states, however, the percentage would be much lower.

When it comes to America’s pulpits, the percentage of faithful patriots is almost certainly no more than five percent. That was the percentage of faithful pastors in Nazi Germany who boldly stood against Hitler’s Police State. And I’m confident the percentage of pastors in America today who are courageously standing against the modern-day Police State is about the same. Read more...

Government Shouldn’t Force Religious Schools to Violate Religious Beliefs

Posted on January 12 - from The Daily Signal

[Ed. note: Protecting religious liberty and the rights of conscience is the embodiment of a principled pluralism that fosters a more diverse civil sphere.]

Just before the Christmas break, the D.C. City Council passed a law that could force pro-life organizations to pay for abortion coverage. But that wasn’t the only piece of bad legislation, violating religious liberty which came out of the D.C. Council in December.

A new bill might force Christian schools to recognize an LGBT student group or host a “gay pride” day on campus.

Here’s how: In a unanimous vote on Dec. 2, the D.C. Council approved legislation that revokes religious liberty protections that Congress passed for the District back in 1989. The Orwellian titled bill—“The Human Rights Amendment Act of 2014”—eliminates an important protection for a key human right: religious liberty. Read more...

Gospel Legend Andrae Crouch Dies

Posted on January 9 - from CBN News

[Ed. note: Our loss is Andrae's gain.]

The music world has lost a legend. Gospel singer and songwriter Andraé Crouch died Thursday after being admitted to the hospital last weekend following a heart attack.

In his 72 years on earth, crouch worked with stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Barbara Mandrell. He was also a frequent guest on CBN’s The 700 Club.

His death caps decades of an influential life and ministry. Read more...

New Year Brings Obamacare Closer to the End

Posted on January 9 - from MoneyNews

[Ed. note: As much as I think every American should have health insurance, Obamacare is not the answer.]

Even before the Supreme Court takes up the legality of Obamacare this year, its future is very much in question. Recently, some key Democrats admitted that passing Obamacare was a mistake, when they should have been concentrating on improving the economy.

We can all remember Obama’s pledge that under ACA (Affordable Care Act), you can keep your current physician. But throughout the country, those insured in ACA not only can’t use their current physician, they are having a problem finding any physician who will honor their ACA coverage.

Nearly one million Floridians enrolled in private health plans, through the ACA exchange, are finding that many physicians refuse to honor their coverage — even when the doctors are included in the plan’s provider network. Read more...

When Constitutionalism is a Dangerous Thing

Posted on January 7 - from The Federalist Today

[Ed. note: There are no ‘least dangerous’ branches.]

The convening of the 114th Congress on Saturday begins the last phase of Obama’s presidency. This is the fifth consecutive presidency (beginning with Reagan’s) to end with one party in the White House and the other in control of Capitol Hill, but while the others generally ended with a whimper, President Obama, “liberated” from political constraints, is determined to go out with a bang.

What will it take for Republicans in Congress to limit the president’s executive overreach? Simply the will to use the constitutional tools they possess–but unfortunately that will seems absent in the leadership of both the House and the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s promise to avoid a government shutdown means, in practice, that President Obama will get anything for which he’s willing to threaten a veto. This, in and of itself, amounts to a de facto expansion of executive power–not an encouraging beginning. Read more...

Liberalism as a death cult

Posted on January 5 - from Tea Party Nation

[Ed. note: This is simply more proof that liberals should not be allowed to decide anything more significant than which pair of socks they should wear.]

Liberalism has been described as a mental illness. That is so true. It is also a death cult.

It wants to die. It not only wants liberals to die, it wants everyone to die. What can you say of an ideology that embraces both abortion and euthanasia? What can you say of a cult that wants to embrace and assist groups who openly declare their desire to destroy Western Civilization and enslave billions of people?

The latest insanity from the left would do nothing less than bring down civilization as we know it. It would reduce us from one of the leading economies in the world and bring us down to a level below that of North Korea. If the left were to succeed in its latest lunacy, Afghanistan would look like a first world nation compared to where we would be.

The left’s latest lunatic idea is divestment of fossil fuel stocks. The radical left wants colleges and universities, as well as churches, retirement systems and other groups to sell stock they hold in companies that produce fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Read more...

Where Will 2015 Take Us?

Posted on January 2 - from Chuck Baldwin

[Ed. note: Rev. Baldwin paints a pretty bleak picture of the future we are facing as American. Does it have to be that way?]

Every year about this time, we are inundated with self-proclaimed prognosticators telling us (with great certainty) what the New Year will bring. The vast majority of the time they are wrong; but, somehow, that doesn’t keep people from listening to these pseudo-prophets or from buying their publications and videos. So, let me say upfront: I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. I have no crystal ball; and the Almighty has not privileged me with special revelation regarding future events. However, I can predict with confidence that most of the predictions WON’T come to pass--especially the ones that deal with eschatology.

However, what I can report is the things that are ALREADY happening and the momentum that is driving them. It is an immutable law that, absent a significant force to the contrary, things in motion tend to stay in motion. Therefore, here are a few things that are already in motion as we go into 2015.

Amnesty For Illegals And Obamacare

Let’s take Obamacare first: It is here to stay. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., overwhelmingly support national health insurance. Had Mitt Romney been elected in 2012, we would be calling it Romneycare instead of Obamacare. In fact, Mitt Romney’s state health insurance plan was the model for what we now call Obamacare. So, if any of you are still harboring any hope that somehow the new GOP Congress will pull a rabbit out of the hat and reverse Obamacare, it’s time to admit reality. Obamacare isn’t going anywhere. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who was selected by President G.W. Bush, forever sealed Obamacare into the legal and political bone marrow of America. Read more...

Again, An Admission You Were SCAMMED

Posted on January 1 - from Market Ticker

[Ed. note: We know they lied, the question is: What are we going to do about it?]

And where are you, Boobus Americanus? You're not in the streets. You're not picketing both the White House and The House of Representatives, nor the Senate. You're not in front of Pelosi's home, or Boehner's, or any of the other Congresscritters.

Good -- go celebrate your consent to being robbed. Oh sure, you were robbed by a thief in the night originally, but now you've consented to the continued theft that flows into the coffers of the medical and insurance "industries", leveraging your fear of death and disability to ply their trade. This isn't up for debate any more. Everyone now knows that Obamacare was passed under intentionally false pretense. In other words you were suckered on something that comprises more than one quarter of Federal Spending and nearly one dollar in five spent through the economy, which all ultimately comes from you.

“I wish that President Obama could have stood up and said, ‘You know, I don’t know if this bill is going to control costs. It might, it might not. We’re doing our best. But let me tell you what it’s going to do…” Gruber said on a San Francisco podcast in 2012. Read more...

Rev. Graham: Secularists Are ‘Anti-Christ’ and ‘They’ve Taken Control of Washington’

Posted on January 31 from CNS News

[Ed. note: America has changed and it’s not coming back unless the church takes a stand.]

Secularism followed on the heels of communism after the Berlin Wall came down, and the two ideologies are essentially the “same thing” because they are “godless” and “anti-Christ,” said Reverend Franklin Graham, adding that the secularists have “taken control of our country” and “taken control of Washington.”

“Secularism and communism are the same thing,” he said. “They’re godless. They’re anti-Christ. So now we have the secularists who’ve taken control of our country. They’ve taken control of Washington. They’ve taken control our city governments, our local governments, our school boards all across the country, and we have just sat back. It’s happened and we haven’t even realized it’s happened.”

“Secularism and communism are the same thing,” he said. “They’re godless. They’re anti-Christ. So now we have the secularists who’ve taken control of our country. They’ve taken control of Washington. They’ve taken control our city governments, our local governments, our school boards all across the country, and we have just sat back. It’s happened and we haven’t even realized it’s happened.” Read more...

Justice Roy Moore Strikes a Major Blow Against Judicial Tyranny

Posted on January 30 from BarbWire

[Ed. note: What Justice Moore is advocating is not rebellion at all, but a call to quash the rebellion which has already occurred.]

Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court has taken a stand against judicial tyranny on the matter of natural marriage. And strikingly and importantly, he has called on the governor of Alabama to do the same.

Last Friday, another judicial activist, U.S. District Judge Callie Granade, overturned Alabama’s marriage amendment, which was passed in 2006 by a staggering 81% of voters. (The judge has stayed her own ruling for two weeks.)

Justice Moore says he will not recognize the federal court ruling, and he is calling on Gov. Robert Bentley to do the same. And the beauty of it is that he is doing it all on solid constitutional grounds. Read more...

Obama Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Supported Partial-Birth Abortions

Posted on January 29 from LifeNews

[Ed. note: SenGraham asks AG nom Lynch - Did you sign onto brief supporting Planned Parenthood's opposition to partial birth abortion ban? Lynch: yes]

President Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch faced a hearing today in the Senate Judiciary Committee. During the hearing, she admitted that she supported partial-birth abortions.

Lynch is the nominee to replace pro-abortion Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder, who is pro-abortion and who used his post in the Obama administration to target pro-life people, announced in September he would step down from his position when a replacement has been confirmed.

During her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lynch admitted to pro-life Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina that she once signed onto a brief the Planned Parenthood abortion business submitted in its legal battle to overturn the Congressional ban on partial-birth abortions. The Supreme Court eventually sided against Planned Parenthood and upheld the ban on the gruesome abortion procedure. Read more...

Obama THREATENS Israel

Posted on January 28 - from The Truth Dispatch

[Ed. note: Going against God's chosen people never ends well. This is something we need to pray about for the good of our country... and Jerusalem.]

Obama’s anti-Israel colors are on display for the world to see once again, as his administration is responding harshly to Congressional Republicans inviting Israel’s Prime Minister to address Congress this March. Because he knows that P.M. NetanYahu does NOT BOW to his demands, especially concerning Iran and Palestine, which are 2 constantly growing threats to Israel’s security and existence. The Prime Minister warns daily of the threat of Iran, and Obama hates that, because the president is currently APPEASING Iran as he has many of America’s enemies. NetanYahu, to ensure the safety of his people, will not remain silent while naive Obama continues to “look the other way” while Iran builds their BOMBS.

It’s been all over the news today that the Obama administration is “fuming” over the Republicans invite to Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu, with an Obama official telling an Israeli newspaper today that Israel will “PAY A PRICE” for defying the president. The official was quoted as saying, “NetanYahu OUGHT TO REMEMBER that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there WILL BE a price.”

This is ridiculous. Obama heard the news of our Greatest Ally amongst the nations coming for a visit, and he got ANGRY, rebuked Boehner for inviting Israel’s leader and has even REFUSED to meet with NetanYahu when he comes. I have never in history, ever heard of a U.S. president who is so COLD to our Allies, and so warm to our enemies. Read more...

The future of Obamacare in America!

Posted on January 26 - from Tea Party Nation

[Ed. note: Ted Cruz is right. Obamacare must be totally obliterated.]

There are a lot of dirty secrets about Obamacare. The left created this monster for one reason. It was never designed to succeed. It was designed to be the transition to single payer healthcare.

Single payer healthcare has long been a coveted goal of the left. The left wants the entire economy to be centrally planned. Taking over healthcare is just one step.

Do you know what the problem with central planning is?

It always fails.

From Breitbart:

Thirty babies and mothers are believed to have died in an NHS hospital over the last decade – because doctors and midwives refused to speak to each other. Giving evidence to a government enquiry into the deaths, midwives have said that they were reluctant to call doctors into help with difficult labours as they were made to feel irrelevant. The families of the victims are questioning why no-one has been jailed. Read more...

Why Christians Should Oppose Climate Change

Posted on January 23 - from Truth Dispatch

[Ed. note: The Christians’ good stewardship and care for God’s creation is not about elevating the natural world to deity status. ]

Yes, it is correct that Christians should care for the environment and be good stewards of God’s creation. Humans are God’s creation that He gave dominion and authority to rule over it in order to subdue it and cultivate God’s creation for human flourishing. However, acknowledging and fighting climate change does absolutely nothing to fulfill our Creation Mandate in Genesis.

Climate Change, or global warming, is a left-wing manufactured crisis in order to fear monger the American people into giving the government more authority to control individuals. The fight against global warming is a power grab by the Ruling Class, all in the name of protecting the environment. They do not care about God’s creation because they are the very secularists that reject God. They are trying to replace the Creator God with nature by elevating the natural world to deity status.

Acknowledging the fabricated fiction of climate change or global warming does not move the conversation forward. It absolutely does not address the need for a good stewardship of God’s creation and the resources that God has given us for our human flourishing. All you are doing is throwing in the white flag and allowing a lie, a work of fiction, be propagated as truth. When Christians accept climate change as real, we are contributing to the secularists’ plan to replace God with the natural world (without God). Read more...

57,762,169 Abortions in America Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973

Posted on January 22 - from Life News

[Ed. note: On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we need to consider what we are willing to do to stop it.]

The United States marks 42 years of legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy on January 22nd, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Since that time, there have been approximately 57,762,169 abortions that have destroyed the lives of unborn children.

How is that number calculated?

A few years ago, in the document, “Abortion Statistics: United States Data and Trends,” National Right to Life Committee education director Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon issued an estimate of the number of abortions tabulated annually by the Centers for Disease Control and the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute up to that point.

Guttmacher receives numbers directly from abortion centers themselves and is the prime source for more current figures because the Centers for Disease Control has never tabulated accurate numbers of abortions. The CDC provides some help in tabulating abortion figures, but it relies on figures from state health departments, some of which rely on voluntary reporting — and it hasn’t had data from some states such as California and New Hampshire for more than a decade. Read more...

Ex-NYPD Detective: Muslim-Only 'No Go Zones' Could Come to US

Posted on January 19 - from News Max

[Ed. note: "Any politician that allows something like this to go on is a danger to their own government."]

The rise of so-called "no-go zones" in France — segregated Muslim communities governed by local imams and abandoned by French police — are the handiwork of Islamists who plan to spread them throughout the non-Muslim West, a former New York City police detective told Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

"I think this is actually a strategy that is slowly being implemented worldwide by radical Islam," Harry Houck, a private investigator and retired NYPD detective, told "The Steve Malzberg Show," describing a process of gradual takeover that he said is key to the Islamists' dream of world dominion.

"What they do is they imitate the free countries and then ask the politicians that are giving these free zones — these no-go zones — [to] let them implement some type of Sharia law," said Houck. "That should be a flag to any politician or any government, that if anybody wants to immigrate to your country and then change your laws for the laws they want to follow, those people should be kicked out immediately," he continued. Read more...

Aiming blame is an excuse to avoid responsibility of building solutions

Posted on January 15 - from Tea Party Nation

[Ed. note: We need to go beyond the placebos of political speeches, press releases and mailers.]

Aside from less than a handful of Tea Party pioneers whom I respect and admire as Judson Phillips, there are not enough with the guts, the cerebral integrity, the selfless initiative to herd us into solution building. I speculate there are those of us inclined to invest more brainpower energy than emotional drama to repair broken promises, diminish leadership incompetence and and pare down self absorbed greed. Our political communication avenues are polluted with whining and blaming Pres. Obama because our expectations and demands are ignored. Even GOP legislators ignore us, so why just crucify the Democratic President?

All those talk show conservatives on Fox News talk conservative as long as their bank account brims over. It is profitable to prey on the emotionally intimidated, culturally narrow, and socially paranoid conservatives allergic to intellectual thought. It should be the responsibility of those willing to play politics to help, define and forge reforms; then hold our elected leaders accountable for failing to follow through on much needed improvements benefiting mainstream middle Americans and proven patriots.

It is delusional and immature to blurt out condemnation aimed at Democrats and Pres. Obama, when facts inevitably expose hundreds of conservative, Tea Party and Republican headline profiles committing several moral and ethical breaches. We should publicly condemn any conservative and Republican politician whose behavior and performance is contrary to their holier than thou sermons from their campaign pulpits. Despite GOP legislators enjoying a strong majority in Congress, as well as in the the U.S. Senate, they have done absolutely nothing to spare law abiding, self sufficient hard working middle American tax paying patriots from economic betrayals. Read more...

Why not destroy terror camps on U.S. soil?

Posted on January 14 - from WND

[Ed. note: Good question, when Bill Clinton's Justice Department under Janet Reno attacked an alleged child molester with tanks, machine guns and all sorts of military hardware. I guess today's elites just don't know an enemy when they see one.]

With the recent radical Islamist terror attack in Paris, it is now coming to the attention of some of the mainstream media and Americans that there are certain areas within France and many other countries that are considered “no-go zones.” These are areas that are “off-limits to non-Muslims.” There are approximately 750 of these “no-go zones” across France, and according to terrorism expert Robert Spencer, they are “incubators of Islamic jihad.” These are insulated areas where the government has surrendered all authority to the Muslim community. They are governed by Islamic Shariah law, and not even basic services like police, fire or emergency ambulances are allowed in.

Radical Islamists in these zones actively recruit jihadists, a fact that is not hidden. The French have allowed this to happen and have basically turned a blind eye to the fact that these recruiters gather young disaffected Muslims into their ranks, send them off to Syria or Iraq to fight and have no fear of prosecution from the government. The frightening fact is that this is not just happening in France and other European countries – it is happening here in America.

According to declassified FBI documents and an investigation by the Clarion Project, there is at least one Islamic jihadist enclave in Texas identified by the Department of Homeland Security as connected to a terrorist organization. It has been reported in other media and documentary films that there are 22 or possibly more of these “camps” scattered across the United States. These “camps” or “villages” belong to what is known as “the Muslims of America.” They are part of or linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat al-Fuqra, which was founded in New York in 1980 by radical Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Gulani. In documentary footage and eye-witness reports, Gulani is recruiting young men, many from prison, into joining his “Soldiers of Allah” fight. They are being trained in kidnapping, explosives, weapons use and guerrilla warfare to prepare them for jihad. Read more...

The Hostile World of Homosexual Hypocrisy

Posted on January 13 - from BarbWire

[Ed. note: Some people define equality as dominance... we cannot be fooled by ear tickling words.]

“Marriage equality” is their hypocritical rallying cry. But the cat has been out of the bag for a long time, and everyone is fast beginning to realize that this is the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard. It’s nothing more than a godless demand for unrestricted debauchery. What they really want is not equality, but absolute cultural dominance. Their unmasked agenda involves the implementation of an oppressive double standard in which their “gay” Special Rights invariably squash our all-important Civil Rights. It’s the “gay” way or the highway.

The institution of marriage is the inimitable edifice and social load bearing wall upon which any free nation and stable civil government must certainly be established. However, in their anti-Christ crusade to destroy, devalue and desecrate the foundational structure of the family, the homosexual juggernaut is rapidly augmenting their Leftist arsenal through a menacing cache of lawless judicial rulings and the ostensibly named anti-discrimination ordinances. Through these and other Statist strong-arm tactics, their wrecking ball strategy has succeeded by compelling silence, intimidating dissent and purging the country of every voice of reason. The very rights they claim to be fighting for are ironically the exact same legal protections that they ruthlessly strive to strip away from the people of faith and decency – or anyone else who might dare to disagree with the endorsement of their lascivious lifestyle. The Baal of homosexuality is a viscerally hateful and jealous god.

The militant homosexual efforts have alarmingly functioned as the caustic social acid that eats away and erodes every constitutionally-protected freedom we have ever held near and dear to our hearts. The pro-deviancy advocates claim to merely carry the mantle of freedom, but in their wake, they leave the republic ravaged and in ruins. If they have their way, the landscape of liberty will be left desolate. Satan’s compliant foot soldiers for the cause of counterfeit marriage will never stop sadistically trampling the principles of self-governance, the First Amendment and the will of the people under their feet. The examples abound, and in the cases that follow, a clear distinction will be made between the legal clamps being put on Christians and a corresponding partiality for homosexuals in similar circumstances. Read more...

To Charlie Hebdo: A Tribute

Posted on January 12 - from American Thinker

[Ed. note: While we may not agree with everything Charlie Hebdo published, in fact we may even be offended when their satirical pens are pointed in our direction, we understand that if we are to live peacefully in the world we need to allow other voices to be heard.]

Rest in Peace Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous, and Wolinski; Bernard Maris, and the two police officers gunned down by ignorant cowards. I'm especially grateful for that which these guys stood and the defiance they demonstrated in the face of a disapproving, capitulating world. A world ever so cautious not to offend the barbaric, mouth-breathing philistines known for throwing temper tantrums akin to those of children; except with access to weapons and explosives and the willingness to use them against innocent people big and small, white or black, Sunni or Shiite, Christian or atheist.

I'm saddened by the hypocrisy routinely practiced by public and private figures alike, the apologist mentality the Western world has adapted due to the influence, propaganda, and will of certain ideologues who stand to gain from this very un-American attitude which is now commonplace.

I'm not saying the entire Muslim community is savage; but it is factual reality that savagery has, indeed, long ago permeated their community and has lingered there... Our little southwest Asian neighbors have always been a wild card in this world since The Prophet Himself transcribed the word of the One True God, Allah, 1,400 years ago and counting. Of course these murders are not representative of the entire community; but we can't keep pretending Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. That is a huge lie. Read more...

Houston Lesbian Mayor Claims Pastors have no Right to a Jury Trial

Posted on January 8 - from Sons of Liberty

[Ed. note: The homosexual activists, like the rest of the left, want to be heard... but don't think anyone else has the right to the same priviledge.]

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker is at it again after standing down on subpoenaing pastor’s sermons. We had not heard from her for a few months after she got blasted by pastors and the public following the City Council’s attempts to push through an unlawful “bathroom bill” and the city attorney’s attempts to manipulate signatures in a petition against their illegal actions. However, that has changed. Now she is claiming that the pastors have no right to a jury trial and is calling for a “special master” to investigate.

Though the city withdrew its subpoenas of the pastor’s sermons, something that the pastors called a “head fake,” it has now begun to submit several motions to the court. Among those motions is a request that the state district court not allow the pastors a jury decision and leave the final say in the hands of a single judge.

Bob Unruh reports:

The city claims that since the pastors want an “election,” it is, therefore, an “election dispute,” and the state does not grant the right to a jury trial for election disputes. Read more...

Confusion by Design: Are you really a Patriot?

Posted on January 8 - from Liberty Crier

[Ed. note: Don’t be afraid to stand for what is right, moral and just.]

Over the last several decades the English language has become a distorted remnant of times past. Meanings of words have been, by design, manipulated by government and mainstream media to take on completely different and sometimes dangerous meanings.

Is it a wonder why the good people of this country are confused? For those of us awakened enough to truly understand the nature of events of today, it’s like living in the The Twilight Zone.

We live in a world where right is transformed into wrong by the very people sworn to protect right. Our children are being taught that family, free thinking, privacy, liberty and individualism (requirements to thrive) are unnecessary evils and that the State is what’s important – the collective. This reeks of Socialism. The military are being trained that the Founding Fathers were terrorists. Meanwhile, the rest of the population is being conditioned to accept MRAPs and bayonet toting RoboCops patrolling Main Street, USA. Read more...

Prominent Euthanasia Activist Loses Medical License After Killing Six People

Posted on January 7 - from LifeNews

[Ed. note: There is more to this story than a ghoul suicide facilitator losing his medical license.]

Lawrence G. Egbert is part of the suicide “counseling” organization, Final Exit Network. The group assists all kinds of people–including the mentally ill–in killing themselves with helium. Now, Egbert has lost his license.

From the New York Times story:

State regulators said that Dr. Egbert had acted as what the network calls an exit guide for six people in Maryland from May 2004 to November 2008. “Dr. Egbert reviewed their applications and medical records and recommended accepting them as members,” said the order, which was signed by Christine A. Farrelly, the executive director of the Board of Physicians. “Dr. Egbert attended their suicide rehearsals.

He held each member’s hand and talked to him or her.”Each of the patients died, the state said, of asphyxiation caused by helium inhalation, and Dr. Egbert “removed the hoods and helium tanks” from the places where the five women and one man died. Those patients had been diagnosed with conditions that included Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read more...

A New IRS Horror Story That Makes Past Scandals Pale In Comparison

Posted on January 5 - from Forbes

[Ed. note: theft is theft... no matter who does it.]

There are times when it becomes absolutely impossible to support the remarkably bad judgment often displayed by federal agencies under the control of the current administration—even for those of us who are typically viewed as backers of many of this administration’s policies.

The latest installment of frightfully unacceptable government behavior involves a law created in 2000—the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000—granting the IRS the power to seize the bank accounts of those suspected to be terrorists, drug dealers or engaged in other criminal activity, even when no charges have been filed and no convictions achieved.

The idea behind the law was to require banks to alert federal authorities to patterns of bank deposits that remain slightly below the $10,000 amount that has long triggered a bank’s responsibility to report deposits to the feds. Read more...


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