A Golden Opportunity – Neutering the Evil in Washington

October 30, 2014

by Larry Miller

Polls show an impressive majority of Americans are frightened and angered by the road Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are leading us down. This is the same Democrat Party that booed God at their national convention. This is the same Democrat Party that views the destruction of babies in the womb as one of their essential sacraments, along with the obliteration of time honored American values such as family and marriage. This is the party that wants to totally transform the country that we love into a socialist hell.

The number of Americans expressing reactions that range from discontent to outrage numbers well over 60%. Republicans, if they can hold themselves together, and make the best of the situation have the opportunity to become a real majority party after the failures and scandals of the man who exposed the evil and anti-Americanism his party as become.

The question is, do they have the understanding and wisdom to follow this advantage for the good of the country, or will they give up on the freedom they can bring back from the pit of socialism... will the give up on the American people?

Several things keep me from being too optimistic about this. Among them is the willingness of Republican leadership to cave to the feeling that they cannot defeat the Democrats that makes them do their best to get along with the oppressors of the people... moderating the ill effects of their socialist “masters” when the can, and permitting them to squeeze the God-given rights of American citizens more and more when they can't or won't. One wonders if the leadership is clinging to the possibility of using the governmental weapons against the Dems should they return to power.

Some will say that voting to put the Republicans in charge would just be changing the names of the people expanding the reach of the federal (and state) government in areas of our lives that are really none of their business. This is true about some in the party – those who have been around forever and actually believe the government should be in charge of our lives, but that it will be better with Republicans holding the levers of power.

The only saving grace for us would be people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, among others, who would push back on Mitch McConnell's schemes to put a conservative face on Democrat-lite policies. Harry Reid does not have this check on his excesses.

By neutering the leftist Dems, we would be left to deal with recalcitrant Rs... and that job is partly done. We can look at the victory of the good people of VA-7 in removing a sitting House Majority Leader to see how the job can be done.

Right now, real conservatives are fighting a two front war. We are battling the Democrats at the same time we are fighting the Republican establishment that views conservatives as a nuisance to be minimized rather that listened to. The Democrats reflect their base, while the Republicans fight their base.

With some of the gains we have already made in this election cycle and those of the past few years, we can continue to turn the GOP into a party that is truly grand and not a weak reflection of what it could be. If we don't give up.

Some have already given up on the Republicans and believe a third party should replace them in the same way they replaced the Whigs in the 1850s. I understand and share their frustration. My heart is with them, but my head doesn't see it as practical solution... at this time.

But first we have to put the Democrats in their place and put the fear of the people in the hearts of the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.


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